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Childcare/Preschool Recruitment Services

 We'll streamline your hiring process and have highly qualified Teachers and Assistants sent to you within days of their application being submitted. We know the industry and know what it takes to get results, we're saving our clients 50-60 % on their media spend per monthOur recruitment service is the heart of our business, we work with preschools owners and directors to make their recruitment process simple, straightforward and effective. We're proud of our track record, our teams dedication cannot be matched. Our add on's include enrollment and parent engagement. Let us tailor a plan for you. Call us!

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Preschool Staffing System

With our automations and team support your job postings will continuously be updated with high ranking key words, titles, budgets that fluctuate based on your high visibility hours and days, ​your candidate will be at your center within days of their application being submitted - fully vetted. Our system is a must have if you want to stay competitive and high ranking in preschool recruitment. 

Daycare Management System Outsourced

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Prioritize Your Time

 We'll only send you qualified applicants that want to work for you.

Recruitment follow up calls and enquires handled 5 days a week 8 hours per day

Fast response rate. All candidates are answered in one hour or less!


Up to date trends and analytics that are monitored to keep your media budget down and applicants up!


 Your personalized touch will ALWAYS keep you ahead of your competition!

Your Time Is Valuable

Online Teacher Recruitment Services

 Recruit For Your School

Recruit for your school has developed an in-depth perspective on what works and what does not when it comes to finding quality candidates, Experience in the education (Early Childhood Education) industry has given us solid experience on exactly what tools are needed to showcase your postings and have candidates show up to your interviews! The preschool industry is struggling with staff right now, our team is here to solves this issue! Enthusiasm and passion for recruitment make our success rate strong, we're confident our partnership will benefit you. 

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Looking To Increase Preschool Enrollments?

There are so many options out there, and it can be difficult to know where to start. However, as a preschool administrator, you also have a challenge on your hands: how to keep parents engaged and interested in your program.

You can create targeted email campaigns to keep parents informed about upcoming events, milestones in their child's development, and other important information. You can also analyze parent engagement, so you can identify areas where you need to improve.

We can assist you by streamlining your system to increase parent engagement, you can boost enrollment rates and ensure that your preschool program continues to thrive. So if you're looking for ways to increase enrollments, please reach out today!

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